About the Spo

Hello, we are the SPO The Student Political Organization (SPO)! SPO focuses on involving young adults and students in politics.¬†Our vision is one mission. Our aim is to create a community of students and like-minded adults to get involved with local politics. We do this by making your voice heard, fulfilling civic duties, and immersing within local and major political elections. The primary focus includes supporting candidates during elections through multiple outlets. These outlets include canvassing, facilitating candidate’s media packets, and hosting the candidate’s speaking engagements to elicit more support.

In today’s society, civil unrest is rampant throughout the country. Time are trying as we undergo growing pains under new leadership. Although during the 21st century America has thrived as a republic, such as having both a Republican and Democratic President within the last year, the future lays within the hands of the next generation through education, and political activism.

At the Spo we are educators. There will is no back and forth ad hominem between right or left-leaning media outlets. Nowhere in the United States Constitution does it mention anything about a bipartisan party system. Our goal is simple, to unify the country through healing, listening with the intent to understand, and ultimately taking action that moves this great country forward.